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Asplundh Tree Expert Co. (ATE) was established in 1928 in Philadelphia, USA by brothers Carl, Griffith and Lester Asplundh to provide tree trimming service to the fast emerging power utilities in the USA.

Over the years, Asplundh has developed into a world leader in Vegetation Management. Changes in technology and work practice regulations have created new challenges that Asplundh’s capable, innovative and skilled personnel are able to fulfil. Still family owned and controlled, the company now employs over 30,000 staff in operations throughout the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Asplundh Australia is a proprietary limited company, wholly owned by ATE, established in Australia, Victoria in 1992 with a total manpower of over 250 personnel and more than 50 EWPs and numerous other pieces of specialised machinery. With our head office based in Glendenning, New South Wales we have offices located in Moruya, Tamworth, Lismore and Wyong. Asplundh currently has major contracts with Endeavour Energy, Ausgrid and Essential Energy.

Asplundh has recently installed a completely new management team and has undertaken a full restructure and reorganization of its administration and operational functions. Asplundh has grown considerably since this change and has maintained an intensive focus on safety, environmental sustainability, certainty of delivery and efficiency through technology and planning.

Asplundh is a full services vegetation management company. This means we provide our customers a complete, ‘one-stop-shop’ for all aboricultural and tree work including power line tree clearing, specialist line clearance, land clearance, environmental assessments, easement clearance, shelterbelt trimming, storm work tree services and arboricultural services. We also undertake large scale land clearance and conversion projects.

We have spent considerable time, over the past 18 months, refining and improving our back office capability. We utilise a ‘best in class’, real time vehicle tracking and management system, enabling instant accountability and have developed a highly effective scoping and work allocation system based on in-truck tablets and PDA’s. Importantly, we have connected all of our offices and enhanced our knowledge management and sharing capability through the rollout of cloud computing throughout our enterprise.

Our skilled staff, innovative work practices and top-of-the-line equipment means a guaranteed result for our customers every time. Our clients have the certainty that we do what we say we will, when we say we will.

That’s the Asplundh guarantee


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