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Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Craig Hallam, Chair
Residence: Rowville, Victoria

Skills, experience, and expertise: Craig came on to the board as a Director in 2001, and is extremely passionate about seeing Arboriculture Australia succeed. Craig has taken positions as Vice President and the occasional interim President roles during his tenure on the Board of Directors and is the association’s current Chair. Craig served on the ISA Board of Directors for 5 years from 2006 to 2011 and was Chair and committee member on numerous ISA committees.  Craig is the founder of the Utility Arborist Association Australia (UAAA) and negotiated the original MoU with the UAA in the USA.  In more recent times, Craig was the lead Director who worked tirelessly with the merger of the NAAA into Arboriculture Australia. In 2012, Craig commenced developing a relationship between the Arboriculture Association United Kingdom, bringing the two associations together to form a sound working partnership.
Craig’s passion for the industry is second to none, he is driven to see the profession of Arboriculture acknowledged, respected and regulated. Craig spends a lot of his own time travelling the world, searching for better arboriculture solutions and presenting at various conferences internationally. 
Most would know that Craig has played an important role in the success of the Arboriculture Australia National Conference since taking up the responsibility in 2003 and continues to drive this event forward whilst improving the standard of this annual event to what we have all come to expect each year.

Other interests: Craig’s passion for volunteering takes up most of his time but when he is not working he loves to spend quality family time with his partner Claire and son Aiden.  If you want to find Craig in his remaining spare time, it’s best you look in his laboratory, according to Claire he spends too many hours over weekends culturing, testing and growing specific natural antagonists.


Robert Boyce, Treasurer

Residence: Chirnside Park, Victoria

Skills, experience, and expertise: Info to come.

Rob Fisher, Director

Residence: Kings Park, New South Wales

Skills, experience, and expertise: Rob started in the industry straight out of school, initially as a climber for a small business. Now with 30 years of experience in the industry, Rob advanced quickly to Management and is currently a Contract Manager at Treeserve, working with over 40 councils and government departments. With a well-connected page and a good following, Rob also brings his social media knowledge into the organisation.

Bryan Gould, Director

Residence: Upper Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland

Skills, experience and expertise: Currently working for Treescape Australasia as its Training & Development Manager, Bryan started tree work as a forester in 1973 which, by 1975, had lead him quickly into tree surgery and the realm of amenity tree care.  Throughout over 40 years in arboriculture Bryan has gained extensive experience in private enterprise and local government from various management roles in England, Australia and New Zealand. Whilst living in Melbourne in the early 90’s he was President of the former Arboricultural Association of Australia (AAA) and then later, in Auckland, was elected to President of the New Zealand Arboricultural Association (NZ Arb) for two consecutive terms.  Bryan has managed street trees, arboretums, plant collections and a range of large-scale public parks and open spaces.  Moving from the public sector into education in recent years, Bryan has taught arboriculture and horticulture subjects to certificate and diploma level students.  He is currently working with an RTO to develop and deliver AQF Level 3/4/5 arboriculture qualifications and training resources.  His background, combined with a good handle on strategy, planning and logistics means Bryan’s strengths in plant science and environmental management offer a depth of knowledge to the organisation.  Bryan is interested in working for and on behalf of people in the arboriculture industry and is keen to promote Arboriculture Australia as the national peak body.

Other interests: Bryan enjoys walking and mountain biking.  He’s a good alpine mountaineering instructor and (by his own admission) a poor skier, but likes anything to do with being in the snow and will try most mountain activities at least once.  He’s mildly obsessed with trees and feels compelled to discover them.  He’s into adventures and exploring, loves maps and can actually navigate.  Some years ago he was a wannabee black belt in Aikido, but now confines himself to aerobics, yoga and generally keeping fit.


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