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Summary to date

i-Tree Australia Manual 2012 and attribute fields

i-Tree ECO 2012 workshops brochure

The Melbourne Urban Forest Accord Group driven by Melbourne City Council  and Arboriculture Australia™ commenced work on researching and changing the algorithms and pollution data for i-Tree ECO to make a total Victoria version which would then be expanded out to each state of Australia.

This software was originally developed by the United Stated of America Forestry Service.  This is a free software program for everyone to use.  Through consultation with the USF, they agreed to allow the algorithms to be amended to include Australia.

Initially the following 3 organisations contributed to start the pilot program.

view  The Melbourne Urban Forest Accord Group $70,000.00

view  Arboriculture Australia $10,000.00

view  ENSPEC Pty Ltd $70,000.00

From the work completed to start the program by the above partners, it now costs $35,000.00, plus some in-kind work for each additional state and territory of Australia to be brought into the program.

Since the initial pilot program started, Sydney City Council also entered into the project and provided their support and funding of $35,000.00 to have the State of New South Wales and algorithms and pollution data setup.

ENSPEC further donated their time to bring the ACT into the program, due to ACT being such a small area this equated to a further $10,000.00 of value.

To date, Victoria, NSW and the ACT are fully operational under the i-Tree ECO program which allows a method to measure the Urban Tree populations Carbon Sequestration rates, Heat island and monetary value of the population.

Recently the working group was expanded and Arboriculture Australia™ has taken over as custodian of the program on behalf of the working group.

Additional players have been brought into the working group including representation from Nursery Growers Industry Association, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, Lend lease and Brisbane City Council (QLD), Darwin City Council (NT), Paramatta City Council (NSW), Melbourne City Council (Vic), Campbelltown City Council (SA) and MUFAG.

Since the working group commenced the Nursery Growers Industry Association (NGIA) made a generous contribution of $90,000.00 to the program to assist with the completion of more algorithm and pollution data work on the i-Tree ECO program.

Where to in the future

The working group is progressing along and is meeting early in the new year. At this meeting a educational programme for the roll out to Australia will be prepared.  It is planned to run training workshops in each state and territory in late May 2012.

In the coming weeks, the working group will be posting the required attributes listing for data collection, the i-tree ECO Australia species list and species coding along with some other helpful information.

If you are a not for profit or a company and are able to contribute to the i-tree Australia programme both financially and in time and become more involved within the working group or just like to make a donation to i-tree ECO Australia to assist with the future continuous development please contact Arboriculture Australia™ administration office.


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