Minimum Industry Standards (MISs)

The Minimum Industry Standards (MIS) are a series of industry peer-reviewed books that provide key knowledge for arboriculture and vegetation management workers.

The MIS were developed by the industry, for the industry. 

Make the MIS part of your company work practices and gain the following benefits:

img_170X162   Integrate with SWMS and SOPs      
Reference the MIS in your SWMS or SOPs to quickly describe safe work practices whilst keeping your safety documentation simple and easy-to-use.      
img_170X162   Upskill and induct new workers      
Provide clear, easy-to-understand guidance on work practices, written in straightforward language.
img_170X162   Share terminology and practices      
Ensure the techniques are terminology your company uses align with national standards. 
img_170X162   Reference manual for technical skills      
Provide your crew with a comprehensive manual of techniques, including advanced techniques for climbing, rigging, felling and rescue.
img_170X162   Improve safety and efficiency      
Ensure best practice by identifying and eliminating unsafe or inefficient work techniques
img_170X162   National benchmarks      
Quickly and easily confirm that your work practices align with national benchmarks for quality and safety.


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The MISs are produced by Arboriculture Australia Ltd. and New Zealand Arboricultural Association in partnership with the following bodies:

The information in these booklets is sourced from technical experts and leading arboricultural researchers and practitioners from all over the world. They are ‘living’ documents that are periodically reviewed to reflect up-to-date practices adopted by the industry.

MISs aim to:

  • Improve industry knowledge and skills
  • Share industry knowledge
  • Support training by providing an industry consensus of competency
  • Support a safer industry

The MISs are designed to be a resource for training and can assist formal training operators by providing an industry consensus of competency for particular skills.

There are plans to make the MISs available electronically to further assist training purposes, as well as instructional videos and summary sheets.

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The MISs are periodically reviewed and updated to provide the industry with the best and most up-to-date information possible.

If you have any suggested improvements for the MISs, or if you know a better or safer way of conducting any tree work tasks, please share your expertise with other industry practitioners by completing the feedback form.


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