Active Tree Services (ATS) is the longest established large vegetation maintenance business in Australia and an important part of the arboriculture landscape.  Our business employs over 700 direct employees in almost all states with a mix of local government, infrastructure and electricity authorities as clients. Our work for electricity utilities is by far the largest of our service provisions and is our core business offering.  Complementing our 700 employees and more than 200 subcontractors throughout the country is our fleet of over 210 insulated EWPs with a further 300 associated trucks and equipment.

 ATS is the largest supplier of these services to the various utilities around the country and at all times ATS has committed to provide a safe, quality and innovative service with a long term client/contractor relationship the primary driver.  Our focus is on managing risk.  This consistency and the strength of our business is a strong basis for meeting contractual commitments through good times and bad.

Environment, Safety and Quality
ATS is accredited by SAI global for Environment, Safety and Quality.  We lead the industry in safety performance and we have twice been a representative of the NSW tree industry, working with Work Cover NSW to prepare a Code of Practice for The Amenity Tree Industry.  In practical terms we innovate and practice good environmental stewardship.

Our large workforce around the country gives us flexibility and capacity to meet program highs and lows and to respond to events such as natural disasters and unexpected absence of key personnel.  Our extensive base of qualified staff and equipment, along with the stability of the business, also provides lower risks for our clients when unplanned events occur, especially storms and flooding. 

People, Culture and Attitudes
With all the best equipment, systems, intent and infrastructure, we recognise that the people make the difference between a successful and stressful relationship between service provider and client.  For many years ATS has concentrated on creating an environment where people want to work for our team and this is reflected in our high levels of retention. Qualified, committed and connected people are a key part of our offering and these individuals also represent ATS and clients with sensitive customer service, caring attitudes and pride in the outcome for each and every day we work on behalf of our clients.

Innovation and Technology
We are responsible for most of the key innovations in the industry which we accept as our place as an industry leader in this country.  We partner with other industry responsible organisations (such as Davey Trees in the USA) and share best practice and tree care information.  ATS invented machinery such as the Bushi, which is a remote controlled chainsaw, providing high quality collar cuts without the need to put people in buckets or climbing trees in situations where this is less safe. ATS has also developed a spatial data collection and works management system which is based on ESRI  mapping technologies and is used to improve reporting and information management.

This data collection and works management system,Active Mobile, is unmatched in our industry in Australia and is world leading as an industry solution.  It gives our clients far greater control and transparency of work, activities and programming as well as information for decision making at senior management levels.

ATS is proud to have been the major sponsor for the industry bodies Arboriculture Australia and Utility Arborist Association of Australia, both of whom work towards improving industry standards.

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