Treescape Australasia Pty Limited is a subsidiary company of Treescape Limited one of Australasia’s largest arboriculture service providers. A full review of the company can be viewed at &

The co-founders of the business own Treescape Ltd 50%, Ed Chignell and Brandon Whiddett whilst the other 50% shareholding is held with New Zealand’s largest utility company Vector Networks, a review of this company can be seen at

Ed and Brandon established the company in 1981 and have grown the business to be nationwide in NZ.  In Australia we are established in Queensland and New South Wales. The company currently employs 280 people in NZ and 156 people in Australia. They are also carrying out specialist arboriculture work in Singapore.

Both Ed and Brandon are active in the business with Ed Chignell being the Chief Executive Officer and Brandon Whiddett being the Chief Operations officer.Their day-to-day involvement in the company is a key factor in the company’s success to date and why they have excellent relationships with their clients.

Treescape is a professional arboricultural service provider that specialises in all forms of tree care and maintenance. Treescape has been operating for over 32 years.

The company has a diverse range of business divisions due to their geographical locations and specific customer requirements. Services include municipal,commercial and residential sector arboriculture, specialist tree removals,planting, large tree transplanting, power line tree maintenance and consultancy. We are also bulk producers of landscaping mulch.

The company specialises in long-term contracts that are collaborative based and currently has in place very successful agreements with some key city council sand utility companies both in Australia and New Zealand.

Treescape currently has offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, which service the South East Qld area.  With our recent award from the City of Sydney Council we have opened an office in Sydney.  We are currently also working on Projects in Canberra.  Treescape has national coverage in NZ with offices across the country.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with sound advice based on modern arboriculture and horticultural practices, whilst delivering our service in a stated time frame.

We keep our clients well informed of progress before and during projects and provide work at reasonable cost without compromising quality or safety.

We strive to build long-term partnerships with all our clients. Over the years the company has played a role in introducing innovative solutions that have improved operating and quality standards for our clients.

For example IT development, Mobile Training Units, specialised plant, work methods,management structures and codes of practice. These attributes are evident within our long and successful partnerships with clients such as Energex in Australia and Auckland City Council in New Zealand.

With over 30 years of experience working for a wide range of clients across New Zealand and Australia we have developed the required skills and knowledge to provide a world-class tree maintenance team. Our experience of working in two of the largest spreading Australasian urban populations, Brisbane and Auckland City provides us with the expertise to help deal with the unique challenges of the urban forest.

We have a plant health care division in Brisbane, which specialises with exgrounds planting and transplanting on high profile projects.  We have planted over nine thousand trees in Auckland City over the last 9 years. They have been planted in high-density business districts through to residential and commercial suburbs. Planting and establishing trees in high-density urban environments require sound planning and good management system.

We have had considerable experience in Tree pest and disease management having carried out the original eradication program for Dutch elm disease in Auckland New Zealand on behalf of the then Ministry of Forestry. We carried out a complete survey of the elm tree population in the greater Auckland region and handled the eradication of all the infected elm trees.

We also were involved in the ground spraying for Tussock Moth and Painted Apple Moth when they were identified in the Auckland region. Every disease or pest is different but the logistics for managing containment or eradication are similar and we have had that experience which is extremely beneficial should future events arise. We have a Plant health team that is based in Brisbane and they are highly qualified. They are also currently involved in plant health care projects and training in Singapore.

Utility arboriculture is a specialised field of work that requires additional training and skills over and above normal arboriculture. We have those skills and the required equipment and operating procedures to carry out this work safely and to a high quality.  Treescape has been involved in Utility Arboriculture for more than 20 years and pride ourselves on our ability to achieve the requirements of the Utility providers and keep th ebest interests and health of the affected trees in mind.

Treescape prides itself on carrying out its business in a professional manner and actively encourages staff to undertake further tertiary educational programs.Many of our staff have advanced qualifications in their chosen field be it arboriculture, horticultural or in business management.

We are also experienced in tree data collection, GIS mapping and are conversant in many forms of asset management. Treescape believe that technology is vital in providing accurate programming, cost analysis and quality management.

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