TreeServe is an innovative, service orientated vegetation management company with over 21 years’ industry experience.  We are an Australian owned company committed to providing the full range of tree and vegetation management services 365/24/7 to our clients. We focus on providing the highest possible level of service in all areas of our business.

TreeServe’s continual investment in infrastructure has been key to enabling and supporting 10 years of consistent significant growth and includes the largest dedicated tree depot and green waste recycling facility in the Greater Sydney region and additional strategically located depots in Terrey Hills (Sydney North) and Wyong (Central Coast). To ensure our capacity to manage the green waste we produce keeps pace with the recent growth of our business we have commenced development of a large 30-acre Green Waste Recycling Facility at Kemps Creek, it is expected that this facility will be operational by 2018.

TreeServe currently employs over 200 workers to deliver all aspects of tree and vegetation maintenance across utilities, councils, government departments, facility management and emergency response organisations.

We have a growing presence across NSW and considerable capability and capacity for large operations across QLD, VIC, ACT and TAS in whose markets we are looking to establish our highly successful business model based on high levels of customer service and innovation.

TreeServe are committed to provide quality service with a focus on safety and innovation, driven by our desire to maintain long term client/contractor relationships.  

Environment, Safety and Quality
TreeServe’s WHS, Environmental and Quality systems are accredited by QMS Certification Services.  Our innovative approach to safety implementation and data collection through our purpose built DataServe system, ensures we are leaders in the vegetation management industry.
TreeServe has focused for many years on developing a sustainable bio recycling and waste reduction operation both on-site and internally at its depots and 100% of green waste generated by our company is recycled.

Our extensive base of qualified staff and equipment ensures all jobs are suitably resourced and provides peace of mind for our clients when unplanned events occur, such storms and flooding. 

TreeServe owns and operates an extensive fleet of specialist tree equipment with over 250 major plant items, including specialist rail equipment.
Our RMS-approved maintenance facility employs 6 permanent Mechanics and a Panel Beater functioning in shifts 7 days a week to keep our fleet safe and working. 

TreeServe operates a comprehensive training management and review system which is overseen by our full-time Training Co-ordinator. All evidence of training qualifications, licenses, completed inductions etc. are captured in our training management system. This system ensures TreeServe workers are always compliant with the comprehensive requirements of all our clients.  
TreeServe’s employment strategy is to employ people for a career not just a job. To maintain high levels of engagement of some of the most committed team in the industry we provide continual training and actively seek to provide opportunities for career advancement for our people. 

Innovation and Technology
TreeServe’s Workflow Management and Data Collection system, DataServe, is a purpose-built system that is currently leading the industry in IT innovation and is unmatched by our competitors. DataServe provides end-to-end workflow management and incorporates our daily workflow, onsite safety, training, incident management and reporting.

We have also developed a unique Client Portal that provides our clients with immediate access to relevant reliable and accurate data about their jobs and gives them the ability to:
• view the status of all jobs in real-time
• access to the pre and post photos of every site
• download signed hazard and risk assessments
• see work that is scheduled for that day
• see where work crews are in real-time
• see work crew progress through scheduled work
       ……and much more!

This system allows full traceability and transparency to our clients and will set the bar for customer service across the industry.

TreeServe continues to proudly sponsor Arboriculture Australia.

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